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Clint Fulkerson / Etchings


Life is difficult to define because it differs from one living being to another; the life of a man is not that of a polyp or of a plant, and if we find it impossible to discover the line which separates life from the other phenomena of Nature, it is in fact because no such line of demarcation exists—the passage from animate to inanimate is gradual and insensible. The step between a stalagmite and a polyp is less than that between a polyp and man, and even the trained biologist is often at a loss to determine whether a given borderland form is the result of life, or of the inanimate forces of the mineral world.

The Mechanism of Life by Stephane Leduc, written in 1911

These etchings are the work of Clint Fulkerson. His artwork evolves through the slow application of decisive marks, filling areas gradually, without making initial layout sketches. The shapes that emerge “grow” accumulate in ways analogous to the growth of cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and communities. See more of his work here. (all images Clint Fulkerson)


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  1. 02/15/2011 01:55

    Gorgeous…they remind me of when you look at skin closely

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