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Lovely Palettes


Finding that delicate balance between white and greys for inspiration for my walls, I’ve stumble over many lovely ways that blue-grey works with warm golds and browns. (images from Flora Grubb, Uxua Hotel in BrasilBHLDN, Anthropologie, Marion House Book)




Sparrow (Varpunen) / Storage Sacks from Finland


I am in love with these waterproof, articulated, flexible storage bags from Sparrow (Varpunen)! Think of the uses! In the kitchen, the bathroom, the living rooms, the kids’ room. The bags are about approximately 20 x 20 cm, and they are made of a coated polyester. Looking forward to some smaller and larger sizes too! That would be nice. (via Weekday Carnival; all images Riikka Kant Rapids)


Eske Rex


Remember back when you were a child, there was a toy that allowed you to rhythmically draw spiral after spiral to create lovely, textured, soothing mandalas? This is that game all grown up. The Drawing Machine by artist Eske Rex is a moving sculpture which records and explores the passing of time, force and motion. See video link at the top of the page. Watch it in action here.I so want one of these! (all images Eske Rex)


Kathryn Bernadette Fabrizio


Absolutely loving the simple palette, blind deboss, manual details of this stationery set for Anthropologie, designed by Kathryn Bernadette Fabrizio. I received the large tied envelope with a recent order, and what doesn’t show here is the stitching detail along the sides and the light blue interior. It made receiving a receipt a fantastic experience! (all images Kathryn Bernadette Fabrizio; via lovelystationery)


Joanna Logue


My painting is inspired by the landscape surrounding my studio in Oberon. I am interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition of shapes against the wider field and the placement of these forms within the picture plain. By doing away with extraneous detail, my hope is that a kind of distillation might take place, where the essence of this landscape hums softly through.

Joanna Logue

(all images Michel Brouet from Mixed Media Studio / Joanna Logue)

Byredo Fragrance House


The BYREDO fragrance house comes from Stockholm. Though I have not had the chance to smell the products, I admire the craftsmanship and quality of the packaging.

I have always been fascinated by the world of fragrance and its effect on my memories and impressions. Through BYREDO I want to communicate my own personal experiences — to contribute to an almost collective memory of time and place. I also believe in a modern approach without loosing olfactory techniques — of simply bringing together the best of old and new.

Ben Gorham, founder

(images Grey and Byredo)


Mari Andrews / Gatherer & Artist


I transform the materials used in these sculptural drawings to bring attention to fragile and often fugitive objects that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Mari Andrews (all images Mari Andrews, except top)